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Simulators/emulators for mobile browser testing?

I would like to see how my site looks like and behaves when viewed on a mobile device like an iPhone, iPad, Android, etc. The problem is that I don't own any of these devices. Specifically I want to see how it would be to use touch on the site. Recently a friend of mine looked at my site on his iPhone and told me that he had to touch the home link twice:

  1. to play the jQuery animation that was attached to the home link
  2. to get to home

Is there a way (via web app or JS/jQuery code) I can emulate the environments of these different mobile device browsers so I can get a good idea of how my site behaves and looks in them?

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  • Use jquery mobile or the sencha library, and you can get the functionality the other browsers provide. – James Black Jan 30 '11 at 2:14
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Another option for iPhone and iPad web browser testing, if you own an Intel Mac running Snow Leopard (OS X 10.6.x), you can sign up at developer.apple.com and download and install the free iOS SDK. Included in the SDK download is an iPhone Simulator, which includes a simulated Mobile Safari for iPhone and iPad.


According to various luminaries of the web development world, the only way to test your site/app on a mobile platform is to test your app on the mobile platform. Even the proprietary emulators are (reputed to be) inadequate.

I'm specifically thinking about Mr. Resig and all the stuff he's written/talked about with respect to the mobile web. Between iOS, the various Android versions/phones, Blackberry, and etc., the variety is so great that you really have no choice but to test on everything.

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