I need to add 12 hours to a MySQL TIME field (not DATETIME) and I'm having trouble.

UPDATE `events` 
SET start_time = DATE_ADD(start_time, INTERVAL 12 HOUR)
WHERE `start_time` < '11:00:00'

returns with no errors but doesn't change anything, I think because start_time is a TIME field.

UPDATE `events` 
SET start_time = start_time + '12:00:00'
WHERE `start_time` < '11:00:00'

adds 12 seconds.

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Try using ADDTIME instead of DATE_ADD. You could do SET start_time = ADDTIME(start_time, '12:00:00')

  • @sdfor: Glad to hear it. For manuals, I tend to rely more on the online content. For mysql, you can use dev.mysql.com/doc
    – nybbler
    Commented Jan 30, 2011 at 3:03
UPDATE `events` 
SET start_time = start_time + INTERVAL 12 HOUR
WHERE `start_time` < '11:00:00'

The MySQL functions that accept INTERVAL arguments are mostly unnecessary; you can just add and subtract intervals with + and -.

  • This query should work, and does still work as of MySQL 5.7.11. Possible typo or bug in your point release, perhaps? Commented Aug 10, 2016 at 16:15
  • 1
    You're right Aaron, SELECT now() + INTERVAL 12 HOUR; is working. Maybe last time something was wrong with my DB connection or something. I tested just now on 5.6 and 5.5. I've deleted my first comment to not confuse future visitors.
    – efreed
    Commented Aug 16, 2016 at 17:16
set start_time = ADDTIME(start_time,'12:00:00')

DATE_ADD works fine with timestamp etc, but not with TIME

update my_table SET modified_date = ADDTIME(scheduled_date, '03:15:00') 

This will add 3 hours , 15 minutes in modified_date


if the developer does not want to update data and wants to add hours or minutes to time. It can be done following way:

The developer can use an AddTime() function to add hours to time column in MySQL. It can be used like below way:

AddTime(COLUMN,’01:00:00′) to add an hour in MySQL time column
AddTime(COLUMN,’00:01:00′) to add a minute in MySQL time column

sql query example:

select id,name,AddTime(login_time,'01:00:00') as login_time FROM `table`

First answer: SET start_time = ADDTIME(start_time, '12:00:00')

Will only work if start_time is less than 12 hours.

If start_time is for example 13:00:00, then the end result will be 25:00:00, to get 01:00:00, you can use the following trick:

SET start_time = DATE_FORMAT(ADDTIME(CONCAT('1970-01-01 ', start_time), '12:00:00'), '%H:%i:%s')

(I used this to correct for the timezone)

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