On my Xperia M5 running marshmallow, angular material's dialog's opening animation is terrible in chrome, even on angular material's own website. Is there a way I can disable animations only on mobile for the dialog?

I've already seen this, but it suggests disabling all animations, and the CSS solution doesn't work.

P.S. I'm running Angular 5 and everything is updated to stable.


This is what I did to disable dialog animations just on android devices.

I used Ng2DeviceService to determine whether it was an android device. Could be easily modified to look for other conditions.

This works for angular 5. Not sure about older versions.

I did this all in my app.module.ts

Add imports

import { AnimationDriver, ɵWebAnimationsDriver, ɵNoopAnimationDriver } from '@angular/animations/browser';

Create an animation factory.

 * Disable animations for dialogs on slow devices
 * @returns {WebAnimationsDriver}
const animationFactory = () => {
  const deviceService = new Ng2DeviceService();
  const noop = AnimationDriver.NOOP;
  const driver = new ɵWebAnimationsDriver();
  const originalAnimate = driver.animate;

  const isAndroid = deviceService.os === 'android';

  let disableComplexAnimations = false;
  if (isAndroid) {
    disableComplexAnimations = true;

  driver.animate = (element: any, keyframes: {
    [key: string]: string | number;
  }[], duration: number, delay: number, easing: string, previousPlayers?: any[]) => {
    if (disableComplexAnimations && element && element.nodeName === 'MAT-DIALOG-CONTAINER') {
      return noop.animate(element, keyframes, duration, delay, easing, previousPlayers);
    } else {
      return originalAnimate(element, keyframes, duration, delay, easing, previousPlayers);
  return driver;

Register is in your providers list:

  providers: [
    { provide: AnimationDriver, useFactory: animationFactory },
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