I have an unknown .npz file and would like to see whats inside. I am very new to Python.

>>> import numpy
>>> b = numpy.load('data.npz')
>>> print(b.files)
['arr_1', 'arr_0', 'arr_3', 'arr_2']

How do I see what these arr_i contain (i.e. dimension, values, etc.)?


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np.savez_compressed('filename.npz', array1=array1, array2=array2)
b = np.load('filename.npz')

And do b['array_1'], b['array_2'] and so on to retrieve data from each array.

  • As an additional note, if we use with open(filename, 'rb') as f: b=np.load(f) , it gives error. So, we should just simply use np.load(filename) :)
    – mah65
    Sep 15, 2021 at 5:54

Python provides "npzviewer" to open .npz files

pip install npzviewer

npzviewer [-h] [-v] [npzfile]


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