Is there any way to open whatsapp application from a website being in a mobile? I know if you use whatsapp:// you can open whatsapp app, but how can I open whatsapp and create a new conversation with a given number? is it possible? thank you!


Thanks to the comments, I got my solution from them: whatsapp://send?phone=XXXXXXX

So for an spanish number +34 644 789 83 it would be

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api.whatsapp.com works well too. Use it in the same way, delete the (+) symbol and spaces in the telephone number.

<a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=50600000000">Click to connect +506 0000 0000</a>
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Solution above is working good, but for me i prefer to use both of mobile app and web.

You can use it like this (empty chat):

<p>My whatsapp +1 987654321 <a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=0000000000">Web</a> | <a href="whatsapp://send?phone=0000000000">App</a></p>

And you can use it like this (with chat text):

<p>My whatsapp +1 987654321 <a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=0000000000&text=example">Web</a> | <a href="whatsapp://send?phone=0000000000&text=example">App</a></p>

This will give your visitors both way to contact you from PC browser or Mobile browser.

  • change 0000000000 with your number, phone number should be with country code and without +
  • change example with your own chat message
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This link in browser will open whatsapp aplication with chat conversation for the provided number

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  • is the domain wa.me registered by whatsapp? if not, might not be such a smart idea to pass your or other peoples phone numbers to some random website and even though wa.me redirects to whatsapp, anyone could do a forward to whatsapp. the whois data i found is inconclusive. – swisswiss May 9 at 1:33
<a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=+910000000000&text=Hi, I contacted you Through your website." class="social-icon whatsapp"></a>

For web-

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