I'm currently working on a search engine for a website which is using a PHP API querying into an Elasticsearch 5.6 index. I have been stuck for a long while on a specific query and that's why I am looking for some help from the community. Let me give some more details:

  • The ES index contains documents which are persons and those persons have a birthname and a lastname (both values are identicals if the person is a man or a woman, who isn't married). There also a few more pieces of information like a firstname, a date and others not relevant to my question.
  • The website search engine only has one field for the birthname and the lastname.

I have been asked to create a query so whenever a user enters a value in that field I must get the following results:

  • If the value match 100% the birthname OR the lastname of a person I should get them with exactly the same score value
  • If the value doesn't match 100% then I'll get the results with at least 5 characters that follow similar in their birthname OR lastname
  • The results have to be sorted in a very specific way. First, the results which match 100% sorted by date, alphabetical order on birthname and lastname then the results which match partially sorted by score, date and alphabetical order.

The fields i'm querying are respectively named nom.unsplit, nom.ngram, nomNaissance.unsplit, nomNaissance.ngram

I have been trying this query which is giving perfect results for a search on the birthname but is failing to find the lastname (obviously). And if I add the 2 other fields to the query the results are still not satisfying because elasticsearch is giving a better relevance score if the lastname match than if the birthname match.

ES query

I have also tried constant_score queries with a filter and a boost. It's working but only if I'm looking for the 100% result. I have tried combining bool query and constant score query but I can't get it to work. I'd like to add that the search engine contains more fields so I need to be able to insert this specific query in a bigger bool query which gathers all the subqueries I'm already using. I'll take any advice and I'll give complementary pieces of information if needed.

  • If you search for e.g. birthname:X OR lastname:X would the score be double if both the birthname and lastname are X than if one one of the two was? – apokryfos Jan 25 '18 at 14:06
  • no the score must be the same as if only one of the fields was X – Arnaud A. Jan 25 '18 at 14:09
  • I was asking how elasticsearch is currently scoring. I thought the default lucene scoring took the maximum score on each field to determine the score of a document, however I may be wrong. – apokryfos Jan 25 '18 at 14:12

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