Hi I am using repository pattern PHP and from the controller or the service I need to call 1 after 1 to different repository function

$lists is a list of list objects that comes from DB. the repository pattern is the sample Repository pattern

like :

        $lists = $this->_listRepo->findAllX($this->config["same_config_param"]);
        $arrayToUpdate = $this->someProcess($lists , $statusA);
        $this->updateDBStatus($arrayToUpdate , $statusA);

        $lists = $this->_listRepo->findAllB($this->config["same_config_param"]);
        $arrayToUpdate = $this->someProcess($lists , $statusB);
        $this->updateDBStatus($arrayToUpdate , $statusB);

        $lists = $this->_listRepo->findAnotherCase($this->config["same_config_param"]);
        $arrayToUpdate = $this->someProcess($lists , $statusC);
        $this->updateDBStatus($arrayToUpdate , $statusC);

is there a design pattern to handle it differently and nicely? maybe should I use FACADE?


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    A function, into which you simply pass the variables (literally, the things that vary in these snippets) as parameters…? – deceze Jan 25 '18 at 16:26
  • did not get you could you share an example ? – Tuz Jan 25 '18 at 17:04

The only difference between those snippets appears to be the method you call and the $status variable. Just make a function with parameters out of that:

function doThatThing($method, $status) {
    $lists = $this->_listRepo->$method($this->config["same_config_param"]);
    $arrayToUpdate = $this->someProcess($lists, $status);
    $this->updateDBStatus($arrayToUpdate, $status);

And call it like:

$this->doThatThing('findAllX', $statusA);
$this->doThatThing('findAllB', $statusB);
$this->doThatThing('findAnotherCase', $statusC);

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