I have an AIX6.1 system, with emacs installed from the rpm package emacs-24.5-1.aix6.1.ppc.rpm downloaded from IBM.

However, this only installs emacsclient on the machine, and I could not figure how to start the server (daemon) on this machine, since only emacsclient is available:

rpm -ql emacs-24.5-1

So any idea on how to use emacs on AIX?

  • RTFM. emacs is the server. You can automatically start a server with emacsclient -a '' (note the empty string, it is not optional). – jpkotta Jan 26 '18 at 1:19
  • Also, you may want to compile your own Emacs, 24.5 is getting pretty old (2015). If you can install a toolchain and the build dependencies, it's not hard. – jpkotta Jan 26 '18 at 1:22

The page you have linked to lists the following:

  • emacs-nox-24.5 The Emacs text editor without support for the X Window System.
  • emacs-X11-24.5 The Emacs text editor for the X Window System.
  • emacs-24.5 The libraries needed to run the GNU Emacs text editor.

I believe you will need to install emacs-24.5 and at least one of the other two.

i.e. the first two packages provide variants of the main Emacs executable, and the third provides everything else.

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