First time markdown user (and LaTex novice).

I'm trying to insert inline formulas using single $ as I have seen demonstrated in several places, including the R Markdown Reference Guide - but it's not working.

inline equation test: $x \leq 5 $ not working

is simply output as

"inline equation test: $x 5 $ not working"

It works fine using $$ to create a new line, but any tips how to get it working inline would be much appreciated.


And as so often happens, as soon as I ask a question, the answer comes to me.

inline equation test: $x \leq 5 $ not working

has a space before the closing $ and does not work.

inline equation test: $x \leq 5$ not working

has the space deleted and works just fine.

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    I'm surprised whitespace would matter, but it appears you're right. – Ben Ogorek Feb 24 '19 at 19:19

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