I download and run the file from the link below https://github.com/keunwoochoi/keras_callbacks_example

But the it has the error "Sequential has no attribute "validation_data"". Can anyone explain for me?

  • Note that the repo is now up to date. – Zaccharie Ramzi Jul 22 '19 at 9:55

Try using self.model.predict(self.validation_data[0]). That is what worked for me.

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You can always check what is in the object with dir().

I had the same problem using self.model.validation_data. Checking with dir(self.model) showed me that there was indeed no attribute validation_data for my particular problem. But then checking dir(self) I could find it.

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i had the same issue.

here is the solution:

  1. use self.validation_data in your custom callback class
  2. provide validation_data = (x,y) in your fit method.

if point 2 is not done, self.validation_data will be empty.

hope this helps

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This would work on the object of type keras.engine.training.Model.

Try self.model.validation_data

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Try self.validation_data instead of self.model.validation_data for Keras 2.0 and after.

You'll also have to define validation_data within fit(). Using train_test_split, validation_data=(X_test, y_test).

Example: https://www.kaggle.com/yassinealouini/f2-score-per-epoch-in-keras

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