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I have an application where I need to do two I/O tasks: get a GPS location, retrieve some data over Bluetooth. Both tasks can vary in time to complete, and can take many seconds. To improve the speed of the application I want to kick-off both activities at the same time, and then wait for both to complete before proceeding.

If I do this:

bool locationStatus= await GetCurrentLocation();
bool vehicleStatus = await GetVehicleData();

does the second function get kicked off, or is it only the UI that is not blocked?

Do I need to invoke parallel tasks instead?

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You are directly awaiting the first function. If you want to let the functions complete asynchronous, you will have to put the await at the position where you need the variables.

For example:

var locationStatus = GetCurrentLocation();
var vehicleStatus = GetVehicleData();

if (await locationStatus && await vehicleStatus)
    // Do stuff

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