I have in my html an audio tag, in which I have src="". When I play music, I change the src value from javascript. However, when loading a page, I get an error

Invalid URI. Load of media resource failed. game.php All candidate resources failed to load. Media load paused.

I know why, the source logically does not exist. Is there any way to tell the audio element not to try to load the src from the beginning?

<div style="display: none;" >
<audio tabindex="0" id="audio" controls preload="auto" loop="true">
    <source src="">


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Simply create your <audio> element without any <source>s, like

<audio tabindex="0" id="audio" controls preload="auto" loop="true">

Then add a <source> during runtime, whenever needed/checked/validated, with something like e.g.:

var audio = document.getElementsByTagName('audio')[0];
var source = document.createElement('source');console.log(source);
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    pay attention, must be creating of 'source' element not 'src'. i.e. var source = document.createElement('source'). For readers searching console warning in Mozilla "Invalid URI. Load of media resource failed" this answer helped me. also you can set 'type' attribute here, i.e. source.setAttribute('type', 'audio/ogg') if you need of course :) My edits for this answer is not saved for some reason, I placed them in comment
    – hotenov
    Mar 5, 2021 at 8:31

Remove <source> from initial html and then...

var a = new Audio('someaudio.mp3');

// File does not exist
a.onerror = function() {
//File exists
a.onloadeddata = function() {
    //add source from javascript

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