I have the following function declaration:

function f1(s)
real f1,s
f1 = 1/s

I would like to copy the same block but with increasing function name, i.e. f1, f2, f3, ... in order to get this:

function f1(s)
real f1,s
f1 = 1/s

function f2(s)
real f2,s
f2 = 1/s

function f3(s)
real f3,s
f3 = 1/s

My present approach is to copy the block in visual mode, paste it several times and then rename the functions manually. I would like to know how to achieve this faster using Vim. Thanks.

You can always use a macro. Assuming you have a blank line before and after your function and no blank lines in between

// empty line here, cursor here
function f1(s)
real f1,s
f1 = 1/s
// empty line here

With the cursor on the empty line above, record a macro to any register you like. Here I'm using register c. Press qc then press y}}Pjw*Ne^Ane^Ane^A{ and exit with q.


  • y} - yank next paragraph
  • } - move down one paragraph
  • P - put above this line
  • j - move one line done
  • w - move to next word
  • * - search for word under cursor ( this is the function name here)
  • N - search backwards ( we moved with * to get the pattern into the register )
  • e - go to end of word
  • ^A - Ctrl-a (this is lower a) to increase the number
  • n - go to next match / search forward ( this is the function name )
  • e - go to end of word
  • ^A - increase the number
  • n - go to next match / search forward
  • e - go to end of word
  • ^A - increase the number
  • { - move up one paragraph (same relative position as in the beginning, but at the inserted function f2 )

Now you can use @c to copy the function and increase all numbers. Prefix with the count you want, e.g. 5@c will copy the function 5 times and adjust the numbering.

In case you don't want to remember the string y}}Pjw*Ne^Ane^Ane^A{ you can paste it in the vim buffer. You will have to replace the ^A before yanking though. Delete ^A and when in insert mode press ^v^a. ( If you are inside a screen session you will have to press ^a a, this is CTRL-a and a)

With the cursor on the line in normal mode press "cY to yank it in register c.

Then you can replay it with @c.

This way you can also modify it or yank it to another register.

Use let @c=y}}Pjw*Ne^Ane^Ane^A{ in your .vimrc to have it always load to register c when starting vim.

I figured out the solution. It may seems complex but does not, cause you have just to copy this function to the clipboard and load the function with:


Below the function with additional features

fun! CopyAndIncrease()
        let l:old_copy = getreg('0')
        normal yip
        let @0 = substitute(@0,'\d\+','\=submatch(0) + 1','g')
        exec "normal }O\<Esc>p"
        call setreg('0', l:old_copy)
command! -nargs=0 CopyIncrease silent call CopyAndIncrease() | exec "normal \<Esc>"
let mapleader = ','
nnoremap <Leader>c :CopyIncrease<CR>

Now pressing ,c Now you can use the keybinding and commands defined in the function.

Function's explanation:

let l:old_copy = getreg('0') -> save copy register
normal yip  ->  copy block
let @0 ... increase numbers on copy register
exec "normal }O\<Esc>p" -> paste increased block

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