Whenever I use a macro in Visual Studio I get an annoying tip balloon in the system tray and an accompanying "pop" sound. It says:

Visual Studio .NET macros

To stop the macro from running, double-click the spinning cassette.
Click here to not show this balloon again.

I have trouble clicking the balloon because my macro runs so quickly.

Is this controllable by some dialog box option?

(I found someone else asking this question on some other site but it's not answered there. I give credit here because I've copied and pasted some pieces from there.)


This will disable the pop up:

For Visual Studio 2008:

DWORD DontShowMacrosBalloon=6

For Visual Studio 2010 (the DWORD won't be there by default, use New | DWORD value to create it):

DWORD DontShowMacrosBalloon=6

Delete the same key to re-enable it.

  • Thanks! Anything special about 6 though? I'm guessing it just has to be nonzero. When I look after disabling it as described below, it's set to 1. And of course 8.0 could be something different... Penticton, eh? Risqué place for a webcam. ;-)
    – Owen
    Nov 19 '08 at 0:59
  • Same for Visual Studio 2010, only the path is 10.0, not 8.0. The DWORD doesn't exist by default, create a (32-bit) DWORD using regedit.
    – mhenry1384
    Apr 3 '12 at 14:11

Okay, I found a way to make the balloon clickable, and clicking it does indeed stop it from popping up again. (On the other site I referenced in the original question the question asker claims that this is not the case. Though he was in VS2005 and I'm using VS2008.)

Anyway, I inserted a pause line in the macro so it would run for long enough for me to click the balloon:


It would still be nice to know if there's a dialog somewhere for turning this back on, in case I have a crazy change of heart.

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