EDIT: I have found some other hashes which this approach works on as well


and are clearly not the same so the onlything I can think of it is that its could be an encoding issue (not sure if you can specify string encoding in AS3 or is it always UTF8)

Hi I have 2 strings which I am trying to get MD5 hash from

string1 = "c1542f06532950d9-c50fd90a80c8017a-6dcef1027f806329";

first I convert it into an array

myArray1 = string1.split('-');

then I get the value I want to compare to MD5 calculation from it

value1 = String(myArray1.pop()); (6dcef1027f806329 - value I am comparing to)

and then I calculate MD5 so I can compare it to value1

MD52Compare = MD5.hash(string1.slice(0,-16 -1) + "fours4me").substr(0,16); (6dcef1027f806329 - I get the same value as value1 which is what I want)

Then I tried the same with a seond string

string2 = "f7a45ced624d3a70-1df5b7cd427370f7-b91ee21d6cb22d7b";

again converting it into an array

myArray2 = string2.split('-');

I get the value for comparing to exacly the same way

value2 = String(myArray2.pop()); (b91ee21d6cb22d7b - value I am comparing to)

now as before I calculate MD5

MD52Compare2 = MD5.hash(string2.slice(0,-16 -1) + "fours4me").substr(0,16); (03358d45ac9ed391 - and here is the problem MD52Compare2 is != value2)

so I am not sure why second string doesn't produce the same MD5 value I also tried with this string:


and again I can't compare MD5 to last value of it so I am not realy sure what is happening here do theese 3 strings differ

BTW: I am using adobe crypto: https://github.com/mikechambers/as3corelib/blob/master/src/com/adobe/crypto/MD5.as to get MD5 hash

Thanks for Anwsering and Best Regards

  • What's the question? Two different strings often have different hash. – user202729 Jan 28 '18 at 16:22
  • the question is why do the hashes differ (they shouldn't) (because why did I get the same hash on 1 string then?) – user3368585 Jan 28 '18 at 16:27
  • @user3368585 I think you misunderstand something about MD5 hash. MD5.hash(A) == MD5.hash(B) only if A == B. Since you're taking hashes from different strings, you get different results. – Organis Jan 28 '18 at 16:38
  • OK if 6dcef1027f806329 is MD5("c1542f06532950d9-c50fd90a80c8017a" + "fours4me").substr(0,16) how do you get 4b62a84526ea1f56 then? – user3368585 Jan 28 '18 at 16:49
  • @user3368585 Ok, I dig it a bit and now understand what you are doing there. It is exactly as you say, the last piece of the first string is MD5 hash that is calculated the way you provided. Strings 2 and 3 do not match that algorithm. I checked with MD5 from as3corelib and got exactly the same results as you got, so it's not an MD5 problem. It's either algorithm is not what you think it is, or strings 2 and 3 are (intentionally or not) broken. – Organis Jan 28 '18 at 17:06

EDIT: For the new question: Convert the exact strings you're trying to get an MD5 on to hexadecimal, and you'll see where they are different. Guaranteed, they're different.

EDIT: The below references the original question.
The second doesn't match because you're not using the right array variable.

myArray1 = string1.split('-'); value1 = String(myArray1.pop()); (6dcef1027f806329 - value I am comparing to)


myArray2 = string2.split('-'); value2 = String(myArray.pop()); (b91ee21d6cb22d7b - value I am comparing to)

The latter should be

value2 = String(myArray2.pop()); (b91ee21d6cb22d7b - value I am comparing to)

Where did "myArray" come from?

Also, please quit using MD5 - it's vulnerable to collisions, and generally too small. Use a member of the SHA-2 or SHA-3 family or Whirlpool instead; all of these were accepted by NESSIE.

If you're doing password hashing, quit using any raw hash and move to pbkdf2, bcrypt, scrypt, or argon2.

  • whoopy my mistake I meant myArray2 = string2.split('-'); value2 = String(myArray2.pop()); (seems a typo occurred when typing the question) I edited the question so it reflect the change – user3368585 Jan 28 '18 at 17:17
  • Convert your strings that you're hashing to hex; you'll see the difference clearly then. – Anti-weakpasswords Jan 28 '18 at 17:20

for anyone interested the problem was that I didn't use the right string to calculate md5 with


string1 = "c1542f06532950d9-c50fd90a80c8017a-6dcef1027f806329";    
MD52Compare2 = MD5.hash(string1.slice(0,-16 -1) + "fours4me").substr(0,16);

should actualy be

string2 = "f7a45ced624d3a70-1df5b7cd427370f7-b91ee21d6cb22d7b";    
MD52Compare2 = MD5.hash(string2.slice(0,-16 -1) + "aXPB2").substr(0,16);

for second string

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