I have a data table with some missing values under gdp_per_capita. I'm trying to create a dummy variable gdp_missing = 1 if the gdp_per_capita value is missing.

    gen gdp_missing = 0
    replace gdp_missing = 1 if missing(gdp_per_capita)

But whenever I execute this code, I get an error that says "no; data in memory would be lost"

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    That doesn't make obvious sense to me. FWIW gen gdp_missing = missing(gdp_per_capita) should do what you want in one line. – Nick Cox Jan 28 at 21:17
  • As Nick suggests, I think the error message you are receiving is not coming from the commands you show. Please copy the relevant command and error message from your Results window and paste it into your post. – user4690969 Jan 28 at 21:47
  • I have just two guesses, that the error arose somewhere else and that your Stata is corrupted. – Nick Cox Jan 29 at 10:19

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