What I want to do is attach one or several PDFs to an e-mail. I am currently using MimeMessage to send emails which works flawlessly. The problem however is that I have no idea how to attach files. (More specifically PDFs I create using itext).

Any examples or tips are appreciated!


This reading ("How to create an in-memory PDF report and send as an email attachment using iText and Java") should help you

  • pdfbox.apache.org Apache Java PDF Library. – blob Jan 31 '11 at 10:02
  • @blob, please explain a bit... Article is about iText, as well as question (at least it was tagged as iText). PDFBox is alternative to iText, but how does it solve problem with attaching? – Maxym Jan 31 '11 at 10:10

Create an attachment on the MimeMessage (see javadocs), set the content type to "application/pdf", get the content OutputStream of it and write the bytes of the PDF to it (with Apache's commons-io IOUtils).


You can use the famous Apache Jakart library called Commons Email.

If your emails are in html format you can use this code:

HtmlEmail email = new HtmlEmail();
email.setSubject("<your subject>");
email.setHtmlMsg("<your html message body>");

and then attach your pdf files

EmailAttachment attachment = new EmailAttachment();

String filePath = "pathtofile";
attachment.setDescription("description for this attachment");


Otherwise you should use the MultiPartEmail class.

Hope can be helpful...


  • where do set the content type ?? Josh. – joshua Aug 2 '12 at 18:40

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