I want to import an aar library in Android Studio 3.0.1.

I try it via File/New Module/Import .JAR/.AAR package as well as from File/Project Structure/+ (New Module).

In both cases the AAR module fails to show up in Project Structure/Modules and consequently I cannot add a module dependency (Choose module window has "Nothing to show").

It should work like described in, e.g., http://docs.onemobilesdk.aol.com/android-ad-sdk/adding-aar-files.html - but it doesn't.

So what have I missed?

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It turned out to be related to this question: Error in Adding libwebrtc.aar library - I'd overseen the detailed exception of the "Android support" plugin.

After changing this


in file idea.properties (located in Android Studio's bin subfolder of installation directory), the AAR could be added successfully.

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