We are using two objects: Employee and Company

In Employee object contains a reference to Company (idcompany). How can I get the Employee object with the Company fields too? (Using a view or search index)


employee { "name":"test", "idcompany":"4a70356d1a99260f3b9fd565a10e5ece", "objecttype":"employee" }

company { "id":"4a70356d1a99260f3b9fd565a10e5ece", "name":"test", "objecttype":"company" }


You can try the Join With Views proposal

You can define view with the following map function

function (doc) {
  if (doc.idcompany) {
  emit(doc._id, {"_id":doc.idcompany});

Then retrieve the view values using the include_docs=true param. You will get the key that you defined in the emit function, joined with the company document.


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