The JSR of units of measurement 275 and 385 are rejected and not released, yet. However, they're the only sane way to work with units of measurement and dimensions, so I hope to get some insight into the following:

I'd like to serialize and deserialize a javax.measure.Dimension to and from a string to be used in JSON. I don't find any documentation or other information (most articles give an overview of the upcoming features and redirects to which is a blank page). The class names are not very explanatory for me (I searched for parse methods and similar approaches) and I don't find a Dimension class in JSR 385 reference implementation indriya. The only way I see for deserializing is to go through creation of a unit and to parse with AbstractUnit.parse(value).getDimension() which doesn't work the other way around.

The Jackson module jackson-module-unitsofmeasure 1.3.0 only seems to serialize Units.

The serialization of a javax.measure.Dimension can be reliably achieved by serializing it's base dimension map which I suggested as pull request to jackson-module-unitsofmeasure at

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