I have a two tables.

Table a looks something like this -- first row is column names, both contain characters:

id |  tractce   | someString
1  |  "0011900" | "Label here"

Table b:

id | tractFIPS
1  | "0011900"

How do I convert a.tractce to a foreign key column referencing b.id?

So that it's:

id |  tractce | someString
1  |  1       | "Label here"

You can't do this in one step. You need to first add a new column that can hold the primary key of table b, then update table a and then add the foreign key and drop the old column:

alter table a add b_id int;

update a
   set b_id = b.id
from b 
where a.tractce = b.tractfips;

alter table a drop column tractce;
alter table a add constraint fk_a_b foreign key (b_id) references b;

Online example: http://rextester.com/LPWNHK59722


This will add the constraint as long as there isn't any rouge data in the tables:

FOREIGN KEY (ColumnName) 
REFERENCES TableName(ColumnName);
  • Sorry, I edited my question to fix a typo and clarify it. Does your answer still apply? – Username Jan 29 '18 at 21:41
  • you cant have a foreign key on columns that don't have the same data in (well you can but its never a good idea and would be pointless). You would have to match id to id or tractce to tractFIPS. the syntax would be the same – dbajtr Jan 29 '18 at 21:42

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