In PouchDB, one of the suggestion for handling conflicts is the "every doc is a delta" strategy. There is also the pouch-delta implementation of this strategy.

If my customer database is supposed to store "CUSTOMER_ID, ADDRESS, PHONE_NUMBER" per customer, and I write this info, then change the ADDRESS on my next write, I'll have one document with all fields and one document with just the delta ADDRESS.

I understand how I could re-create the full customer information for a given customer by fetching all the deltas by date and "flattening" them, but is there a way for me to create an INDEX to sort all my customers, for example by PHONE_NUMBER?

In other words, doesn't the "every doc is a delta" strategy mess up my ability to create useful secondary indexes?

  • I'm curious if there is a specific documentation for every doc is a delta strategy you are referring to? – user3405291 Apr 2 at 16:54

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