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In a Bash script, I would like to split a IP by dot delimiter. But When I am passing a variable in For Loop it is behaving like string.


StartIP_Prefix_1=`echo $StartIP | awk -F"\." '{print $1}'`
StartIP_Prefix_2=`echo $StartIP | awk -F"\." '{print $2}'`
StartIP_Prefix_3=`echo $StartIP | awk -F"\." '{print $3}'`
StartIP_Prefix_4=`echo $StartIP | awk -F"\." '{print $4}'`

EndIP_Prefix_3=`echo $EndIP | awk -F"\." '{print $3}'`
EndIP_Prefix_4=`echo $EndIP | awk -F"\." '{print $4}'`



for ip in $IP_Range
  echo $ip


After running the script, It is showing 10.10.{40..40}.{10..15}

expect : I want it show all the IPs like:

Please, Let me know if there any other option to find out IPs between two IPs.

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