I have a little macro that adds a new sheet to a drawing intended for creating a .dxf file for the laser cut-out of sheet-metal parts.

Sub CATMain()

Dim drawingDocument1 As DrawingDocument
Set drawingDocument1 = CATIA.ActiveDocument

Dim drawingSheets1 As DrawingSheets
Set drawingSheets1 = drawingDocument1.Sheets

Dim drawingSheet1 As DrawingSheet
Set drawingSheet1 = drawingSheets1.Add("Laser")

drawingSheet1.PaperSize = catPaperA0

drawingSheet1.[Scale] = 1#

drawingSheet1.Orientation = catPaperLandscape

CATIA.StartCommand "Unfolded View"

End Sub

I'd like to make an addition to this macro where it removes the border of the sheet format.
The manual method of doing this is shown in the following screenshot:

enter image description here

So I either need to find a VBA command to untick that box, or a command to use Sheet Style "NoBorderTest" (as seen in the screenshot).
I couldn't find a way to do either, any help would be appreciated.

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