Application stores big amount (~10k) of rather big rich text (many hundreds/few thousands lines) hyperlinked documents. Content of the rich text fields is updated by Lotus Notes rich client and users link documents by standard "Copy as Link/Paste" procedure. It creates doclinks looking like small yellow document icon (or the ones with anchor - navigating to specific position within rich text). These icons rendered in XPage look the same.

Documents are NOT saved/updated by web interface/XPage.

The problem: for long RTF content, after ~1200 rendered doclinks they stop showing/rendering (even in HTML source). Exact number of rendered doclinks vary from document to document.

MIME encoding is not a solution. Documents whose RTF was converted to MIME have two unacceptable side effects:

  • Those nice images for doclinks are rendered as blue [Link] text.
  • Much worse, rich text field control does not translate doclinks to (expected) https:// URL, they stay in notes:// format.

Is there some internal limit that prevents rendering such count of standard doclinks? Is there any workaround to render long rich text fields with many doclinks?


server/db.nsf/0/unid/Body?OpenField output is affected by this bug too.

I had a chat with Ben from Geniisoft and he verified that there’s a limit for DocLinks that AppFidelity overcomes. So you want to have a license for that. Besides overcoming your problem at hand, it is a complete beauty makeover for your HTML rendered.

From Ben:

I saw that you mentioned AppsFidelity on StackOverflow. I don't have enough reputation points to comment, but I just tested and it handled 4000 doclinks and turned them all into web URLs. I tried with AppsFidelity turned off, and it stopped rendering after fewer than 2000. Don't think I've ever tried that before.


Ben being Ben, he recreated the issue and showcased the solution in this video on Facebook. Enjoy!

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