I am using CMake 3.10 and have a problem linking a compiled library to a test executable in CMake. I searched a lot and found that in earlier versions there was a problem where you could not link intermediate libraries in the result executable. I was not able to tell if this was resolved or still an issue.

My CMake files look like this:


cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 3.9)

add_subdirectory("${core_impl_dir}" implementation)

set(cuda_src "parallel/ParallelComputation.cu")
set(cuda_hdr "parallel/ParallelComputation.h")

add_library(${PROJECT_NAME} STATIC "${cuda_src}" "${cuda_hdr}"

target_include_directories (${PROJECT_NAME} PUBLIC "include/" 

source_group("parallel"  FILES "${cuda_src}" "${cuda_hdr}")




add_subdirectory("${gtest_impl_dir}" implementation)

add_executable(${PROJECT_NAME} "${gtest_impl_src}")
target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} ${MODULE_NAME}_core)

find_package(GTest REQUIRED)

target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} ${GTEST_BOTH_LIBRARIES})

source_group("Implementation\\Source Files" FILES "${gtest_impl_src}" )



Building just Algo works fine, but when also building Test, I get linking errors, for example

../implementation/libmatrix1_testCuda_core.a(ParallelComputation.cu.o): In Funktion 'cudaError cudaMalloc(float**, unsigned long)': tmpxft_00005ad0_00000000-5_ParallelComputation.cudafe1.cpp:(.text+0x4f2): Undefined reference 'cudaMalloc'

EDIT using make VERBOSE=1 I got this linking command:

/usr/bin/c++ -Wl,--no-as-needed -pthread -g -std=c++14 -Wall
CMakeFiles/matrix1_testCuda_gtest.dir//tests/eclipseProject/algos/testCuda/test/src/main.cpp.o CMakeFiles/matrix1_testCuda_gtest.dir/cmake_device_link.o -o matrix1_testCuda_gtest ../implementation/libmatrix1_testCuda_core.a /usr/lib/libgtest.a /usr/lib/libgtest_main.a

  • The root cause is probably not linking the CUDA runtime library. If nvcc was doing the linking, that would not be necessary, which suggests that your host compiler is doing the linking. How you fix it in CMake, I have no idea – talonmies Jan 30 at 18:39
  • @talonmies I got the CUDA runtime problem to work by using find_package(CUDA 9.0 REQUIRED), or by setting the linker language explicitly to CUDA. Now the linker complains about the device code. What I don't understand here is that the device code is only called in the library, the main test code only imports an interface that exposes normal C++ methods which in turn call device code. Why does it even need linking here, shouldn't the linking of the device code already be done in the step that builds the library? – kutschkem Jan 31 at 9:50
  • @talonmies never mind that last one was actually my mistake, the namespace in the header and the implementation did not match, and the compiler did not catch it. – kutschkem Jan 31 at 10:54
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I got this to work by calling

find_package(CUDA 9.0 REQUIRED)

in both CMake files. Also, in the Algo file (which contains the device code), I had to do

target_link_libraries(${PROJECT_NAME} ${CUDA_LIBRARIES})

I was expecting that the language support for CUDA would make those steps unnecessary, but apparently not.

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