I am trying to post an article using Blogger Api v3 client library.


I was able to run this sample application to get my blog name and posts.


I wrote this code to insert a post as draft, and I was able to create a draft. However, there is no body in it.

from __future__ import print_function

import sys

from oauth2client import client
from googleapiclient import sample_tools

def main(argv):
    # Authenticate and construct service.
    service, flags = sample_tools.init(
        argv, 'blogger', 'v3', __doc__, __file__,

        users = service.users()

        # Retrieve this user's profile information
        thisuser = users.get(userId='self').execute()

        blogs = service.blogs()

        # Retrieve the list of Blogs this user has write privileges on
        thisusersblogs = blogs.listByUser(userId='self').execute()

        posts = service.posts()

        blog = thisusersblogs['items'][0]
        if blog['id'] == '*** my_blog_id ***':
            posts.insert(blogId=blog['id'], body='test post', isDraft=True).execute()

    except client.AccessTokenRefreshError:
        print ('The credentials have been revoked or expired, please re-run'
               'the application to re-authorize')

if __name__ == '__main__':

Expected Result: 'test post' in the drat post

Actual Result: No body in the draft post


you need to pass object in body instead of string just define an object like this

 body = {
        "kind": "blogger#post",
        "id": "6814573853229626501",
        "title": "posted via python",
        "content":"<div>hello world test</div>"
 posts.insert(blogId=blog['id'], body=body, isDraft=True).execute()
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  • Thank you. I was able to solve my problem. I have one more question. Is "id" required in body? I was able to insert a post without id. – ys64 Jan 31 '18 at 17:21
  • Post not working with patch when it is in DRAFT status. But patches when it is live. How to resolve this ? – Manish Champaneri Aug 29 '18 at 13:09

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