How do I properly encode a mailto link with JSON data in the query parameters so that the link works as expected when some of the JSON data possibly includes spaces?

Here is a simple example:

var data = {
 "Test": "Property with spaces"

var mailTo = 'mailto:?body=http://www.google.com/?body=' + JSON.stringify(data);

document.getElementById("link").href = mailTo;

The resulting link in the email after clicking the link looks like this:


Here is a JSBin showing what I am talking about:


Edit: Adding encodeURI() or encodeURIComponent() doesn't seem to work for me. I tried adding either of those methods around the data object and when I click the mailto link the url still looks the same in outlook.

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    use encodeURI() to encode the special characters in the string before you put it into the link. – ild flue Jan 30 '18 at 17:53
  • change JSON.stringify(data) to encodeURI(JSON.stringify(data)) – Sagar Jan 30 '18 at 17:56
  • That doesn't work. I added encodeURI() to the stringified json data and it doesn't seem to do anything. – Jack Fairfield Jan 30 '18 at 17:56

You need to use encodeURIComponent twice, because you are encoding a parameter inside another parameter.

Your link is using the mailto protocol and using a body parameter which content should be encoded. But, inside that content you are entering a URL which has parameters, so, this parameters should be encoded also.

Try this:

var data = {"Test": "Property with spaces"};
var mailTo = 'mailto:?body=' + encodeURIComponent('http://www.google.com/?body=' + encodeURIComponent(JSON.stringify(data)));
document.getElementById("link").href = mailTo;
<a id='link'>anchor</a>

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