I want to map data from a German data structure to an English one.

For that I use a hash which holds the German words as keys and the English ones as values ($mapping_table).

The data are stored in an array of hashes ($data). The keys are the German words which have to be replaced by English ones. The values are the data which shall stay unchanged.

To do the mapping I have written the following code:

my $mapping_table = {
    'Exemplare' => 'copies',
    'Seiten' => 'pages',
    'Statushinweis' => 'status',
    'Serie von' => 'number_of',
    'ISBN/Barcode-Nr.' => 'ISBN_barcode',
    'Status' => 'status',

my $data = [
    'Exemplare' => '1',
    'Seiten' => '0',
    'Statushinweis' => 'Statushinweis',
    'ISBN/Barcode-Nr.' => '3-551-01561-9',
    'Serie von' => '4',
    'Status' => 'Gesucht'
    'Exemplare' => '4',
    'Seiten' => '111',
    'Statushinweis' => '',
    'ISBN/Barcode-Nr.' => '3-551-01561-9',
    'Serie von' => '4',
    'Status' => 'Vorhanden'

my $mapped_data = [];

foreach my $issue ( @$data ) {
    my %tmp_hash;
    foreach my $key (sort keys %$mapping_table) {
        $tmp_hash{$mapping_table->{$key}} = $issue->{$key};
    push @$mapped_data, \%tmp_hash;

print Dumper $mapped_data;

The result of the dump surprises me a lot.

$VAR1 = [
            'number_of' => '4',
            'copies' => '1',
            'status' => 'Statushinweis',
            'ISBN_barcode' => '3-551-01561-9',
            'pages' => '0'
            'pages' => '111',
            'ISBN_barcode' => '3-551-01561-9',
            'status' => '',
            'copies' => '4',
            'number_of' => '4'

It can be seen that the values of the keys 'status' hold those of the keys 'Statushinweis' whereas these keys got completely lost.

I tried to figure out why this happens with the help of Google and the debugger but failed (maybe to obvious to be seen?).

Maybe I should mention that I work with strawberry perl 5.26.1 on Win7.

Any idea what I did wrong and how to fix it?

Thx in advance.

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    Both 'Statushinweis' and 'Status' are replaced by the same key - but keys have to be unique in hash. That's why Statushinweis result overwrites the Status' one. – raina77ow Jan 30 at 19:32
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    Both Status and Statushinweis map to the english status. The second one (Statushinweis) will just overwrite the first (Status). Everything works as expected. You need to make your translation unique. – tinita Jan 30 at 19:32
  • Maybe check for duplicated values and rename the values to status1, status2, ... before proceeding. – xxfelixxx Jan 31 at 0:17
  • The problem is: you have two identical values in your mapping table hash. Your temporary hash will use values of the mapping table hash as it's keys , and we know that keys of any hash must uniq. That's why status is overwritten. – Ivan Feb 1 at 18:12

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