1. I created a new TagManager Account.
  2. I added the Code to the head and body space on my website.
  3. I created a Container.
  4. I added a Google Analytics Tag
  5. I created a Variable with exact the UA-XXXXX-1 id for my property.

(I have dozens of different Google Analytics properties in my account.)

Now when I publish the Google Tag Manager changes, the Tag is published and visible. But it publishes a SECOND WRONG property-ID. UA-XXXXX-2.

Yes, the UA-XXXXX-2 is also in MY ACCOUNT. But a complete different Website property!

I have no clue where the TagManager - which is setup completely new - gets the ID from another property. I didn't provide that ID anywhere (the property is archived).

The "Google Tag Assistant" is telling me that I have multiple Tags implemented, but that could not be true. Error Message: (Multiple Google Analytics tags detected)

How can I solve that?

Affected site "www global-nights com"



Live Site Tag Assistant


This is not a GTM problem. The second account is bundled in a Javascript file (/cdn cgi/apps/head/6sJWcjIvV53_JPO8tyNGb15vJYg.js) included on the top of your page:

enter image description here

So I guess you should be looking into your Cloudflare settings rather than be looking at GTM.

  • Thank you so much! – Jan Jan 31 '18 at 7:54

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