I have this string in a variable:

strVar="Hello World [randomSubstring].zip"

I would like to extract [randomSubstring], where that substring inside the brackets could be anything.

The expected result must be something like this:

echo "$strVar"
Hello World .zip

I tried several combinations with grep and awk but without success, I am using CentOS 7.

echo "Hello World [RNVE5Z].zip" | grep -oP '(?<=[).*(?=])'
echo "Hello World [RNVE5Z].zip" | awk -F"["" '{print $1}' | awk -F"]" '{print $2}' 

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Bash only:

echo ${strVar/\[*\]/}

Just use bash's substring manipulation:

echo ${strVar/\[*\]/}

I would prefer it over an external call to sed, except there is more to be done, why I use sed anyway:

echo $strVar | sed 's/\[.*\]//'

I don't think there is an elegant solution for grep but might be wrong. In awk I'm not that fluent.

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