1.I have a list of keywords, I am keeping them in list named dict as below:

dict ["r enovation","homeloan","personalloan"]

2.I have a dataframe with 1000 records and has two variable, application number(integer) and comments(string). create variables in this datframe which are nothing but the words of dict eg. renobation, homeloan, personalloan etc.

I want to read all the string variable(comments) for all the records and want to identify if any of the word in string matches to a word in dict.If it matches, increment the count of that variable in output from 0 to 1.

eg. comment variable contain the string such as "customer needed the loan for renovation of his home" My objective is to read all the word in this string which is


and then compare each word with words in dict which is



since renovation is matching keyword, so renovation variable shall get a count of 1 for this particular record and so on. If homeloan was also present in the comment then homeloan shall also have count of 1 as output.

Need help on how to code this using python.


There are many ways to accomplish this. One of them is (python3):

list_a = ["renovation","homeloan","personalloan"]
list_b = ["customer","needed","the","loan","for","renovation","of","his","home"]
result = {}
for index in list_a:
    result[index] = list_b.count(index)


Which outputs:

{'homeloan': 0, 'personalloan': 0, 'renovation': 1}

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