Should I detach an attached database before calling $dbh->disconnect or is it OK to omit the DETACH is such a case?

use DBI;

my $dbh = DBI->connect( "DBI:SQLite:dbname=my_db_1", ...

$dbh->do( "ATTACH DATABASE 'my_db_2' AS data" );
$dbh->do( "DETACH DATABASE data" );
  • Well, you attach it each time you run the script, so detach is a good idea. Will it use the same name to attempt attach? if so, you should regardless get error Database name is already in use – Gerhard Barnard Jan 31 at 8:46
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To just close the database would be OK unless the main database is an in memory database and the journal mode is not WAL (Write Ahead Logging); even then it would probably be extremely rare to encounter an issue. I think detach is provided for situations where you want to detach databases individually. So it's really a matter of personal choice unless dictated otherwise.

This is based upon the following :-

Transactions involving multiple attached databases are atomic, assuming that the main database is not ":memory:" and the journal_mode is not WAL.

If the main database is ":memory:" or if the journal_mode is WAL, then transactions continue to be atomic within each individual database file. But if the host computer crashes in the middle of a COMMIT where two or more database files are updated, some of those files might get the changes where others might not.


This, from Tech On The Net states :-

When the database connection is closed, the attached database will be automatically be detached.

and also

To remove an attached database from your connection, use the DETACH DATABASE command or close the database connection.

  • When closing orderly, there are no active transactions. – CL. Jan 31 at 18:17

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