What I'm trying to do is create a number of folders in the "~/Labs/lab4a/" location (~/Labs/lab4a/ already exists).

Say I want folder1, folder2, folder3 all in the lab4a folder.

This isn't about making nested folders all at one go using the mkdir -p command or going in to lab4a and just making multiple folders at one go. I'm wondering is there a faster way using mkdir to create multiple folders in the same location using relative path.

i.e prompt~/: mkdir Labs/lab4a/folder1 folder2 folder3 To create all those folders in lab4a at once.

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In Bash and other shells that support it, you can do

mkdir ~/Labs/lab4a/folder{1..3}


mkdir ~/Labs/lab4a/folder{1,2,3}

Other options:

mkdir $(seq -f "$HOME/Labs/lab4a/folder%03g" 3)

mkdir $(printf "$HOME/Labs/lab4a/folder%03g " {0..3})

Which will give you leading zeros which make sorting easier.

This will do the same thing in Bash 4:

mkdir ~/Labs/lab4a/folder{001..3}

Use shell expansion :

mkdir Labs/lab4a/{folder1,myfolder,foofolder}

That such an underestimated possibility :)



Go to console -

cd ...

mkdir {8...30}

Create multiple folders linux


I would use mkdir with the -p option as it creates intermediate directories as required :

mkdir -p ~/var/www/html/site1/{site2/{html,logs,images},site{3..6},site7}

this creates this output so in your case,

mkdir -p ~/Labs/lab4a/folder{1..3}

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