what key (if any) do I require for simple text translation from program?

Note: I don't host any website.

  • What Google API are you using? – pthulin Feb 15 '11 at 9:16

1). How to Get Google Translate API Key.

To use the API you need get a Google API key;

a). Go to http://cloud.google.com/console/
b). Create a Project and select it.
c). On the left side bar, Go to “APIs & auth” Tab => APIs Tab
d). Enable “Translate API”
e). Go to “Credentials” Tab
f). Click on “CREATE NEW KEY”
g). Create “Server Key” for PHP / Java / Ruby / Python. Create “Browser Key” for JavaScript.

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Check this page, for more information http://hayageek.com/google-api-key/

  • Is the API Key the Service Account's "Id"? @Lakshman Kambam – grant Jan 19 '17 at 20:00

An API key is required to use the Google Translate API and you can get yours from the Google APIs Console.

For further details, check the Developer's Guide.

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