Is there a method in VBA I can call to obtain the time unit (Such as d,ed,hr,min,etc.) of a specific task? I'm currently making a macro that takes a delta between 2 duration fields. I get the correct number but would like to attach a time unit to it.

  • Ignore the downvote; it likely came from someone who knows nothing about MS Project. This is a perfectly reasonable MS Project VBA question. – Rachel Hettinger Feb 12 '18 at 20:35

Use the GetField method to return the task field value as displayed in the user interface. For example:

Public Function GetUnits() As String

    Dim diplayValue As String
    diplayValue = ActiveProject.Tasks(1).GetField(pjTaskDuration)
    ' strip off numeric portion
    GetUnits = Mid$(diplayValue, Len(CStr(Val(diplayValue))) + 1)

End Function

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