I don't want any boost dependency or anything external. I could read the file line by line, and process each line separately. But if it works better, I can also load the whole file in memory, and process it line by line afterwards.

What's the best approach? Also, what is the fastest approach, how do they differ?

Also, this should both work with a regular text file, and piping a file through terminal.

  • I found this reference on using ifstream, but without enough details lemire.me/blog/2012/06/26/… – Baron Yugovich Jan 31 '18 at 15:10
  • 1
    Do you want the best approach or the fastest way? You probably can't have both. – nwp Jan 31 '18 at 15:14
  • @UKMonkey Thank God someone leaves an explanation for their downvote, even in that form. Kudos. – Arkoudinos Jan 31 '18 at 15:14
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    why do you need to read line by line? Reading all the file contents as a whole and then processing line by line will most likely be faster – formerlyknownas_463035818 Jan 31 '18 at 15:14
  • @Arkoudinos If I didn't explain why I thought it was bad, how could people correct me when I'm wrong, or learn from their mistakes? ;) – UKMonkey Jan 31 '18 at 15:16

Just use std::getline. Pretty straightforward solution:

std::ifstream file("filePath");
std::string line;
while (std::getline(file, line)) {
    // line contains the current line
  • Thanks. How would that change if I have to read through pipe, i.e. piping a text file through terminal? – Baron Yugovich Jan 31 '18 at 15:20
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    @BaronYugovich: If you're just piping into stdin, just use something like std::getline(std::cin, line). – Fred Larson Jan 31 '18 at 15:23

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