I'm implementing a plugin in which I need to add extends clause for an existing class.

I have PsiClass instance representing say MyClass.

There is an API that allows to get all the classes that MyClass extends:

PsiReferenceList extendsList = psiClass.getExtendsList()

And theoretically I can add something to it and that will work.

Problem: PsiReferenceList.add() consumes PsiElement and I don't know how to create an object of PsiElement having fully qualified name of the class I want to use.

More specifically, how to transform string com.mycompany.MyAbstractClass to PsiElement representing this class?

Update: I managed to achieve the result using the following logic:

PsiElementFactory factory = JavaPsiFacade.getInstance(project).getElementFactory();
PsiReferenceList extendsList = aClass.getExtendsList();
PsiShortNamesCache instance = PsiShortNamesCache.getInstance(project);
PsiClass[] abstractClasses = instance.getClassesByName(
PsiJavaCodeReferenceElement referenceElement = factory

It works but I guess there should be more optimal way.

You can make a String which is the code you want to generate, like

String code = "class A extends B { }"

Then, use this code to convert text into PsiElement:

PsiElement fromText(String code, Project project) {
  return PsiFileFactory
        .createFileFromText(JavaLanguage.INSTANCE, code)

And you'll get the corresponding PsiElement.

Then, myClass.replace(fromText(code)).

BTW you can also do classNamePsiElement.addAfter(fromText("extends Xxx")) which is considered more efficient.

  • The class I'm changing is already defined, I can't replace it's content. I literally need to add extends MyAbstractClass between the class name and it's body. – Oleksandr Shpota Feb 1 at 13:43
  • I don't know what do you mean by "it's already defined so I can't replace the content", but if you don't want to replace, you canelement.addAfter(), and pass the PsiElement that corresponds to extends Xxx. – ice1000 Feb 2 at 0:44
  • What is classNamePsiElement ? Could you also take a look on my update, probably it would help to understand the context. – Oleksandr Shpota Feb 5 at 22:56
  • Your code is AFAIK an ideal approach. – ice1000 Feb 6 at 11:16

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