I'm able to set Jupyter's QtConsole to use a plaintext widget instead of rich text by setting this

c.JupyterQtConsoleApp.plain = True

in the configuration file ~/.jupyter/jupyter_qtconsole_config.py

Spyder's IPython Console does not seem to respect the settings in this configuration file. How do I set this option (or get the same behavior) for Spyder's IPython Console?


(Spyder maintainer here) Spyder only uses rich text widgets in its consoles, so it doesn't respect the config option you mention (although it tries to respect most of the others).

I really don't understand why you would like to use plain text widgets instead, but if you want that possibility, there's always qtconsole, as you point out.

  • My principle motivation is that the rendering of output of pint objects is poor and slow since it sends it through a LaTeX interpreter (pint is a units package). See here for an example. I've been using Spyder for 7+ years, since before Pierre integrated QtConsole, and have no desire to change ;-). I'd like to explore other solutions. – mrclary Feb 1 '18 at 6:39
  • I don't know how to help you about that. Perhaps you could talk with Pint developers to see how to improve things for Spyder. You could ping me on Github if I can help with something else. – Carlos Cordoba Feb 1 '18 at 12:36

I've found a workaround for this issue which is to delete the _repr_latex_ methods defined by pint. In an __init__.py where I instantiate a unit registry to be used throughout a project I have the following:

import pint
ureg = pint.UnitRegistry()

# don't display latex in consoles
delattr(pint.quantity._Quantity, '_repr_latex_')
delattr(pint.unit._Unit, '_repr_latex_')

This should be safe since methods of the pattern _repr_<meme>_ are only used by IPython.display module.

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