I have data in PouchDB that looks like so, about 200K of such records

    "title": "blah blah blah",
    "authors": [
        { "name": "Fudd, Elmer"},
        { "name": "Duck, D."},
        { "name": "Walker, Diana"},
        { "name": "Washington, Grg,"}
    "description": "The annals"

I want to be able query authors

    "selector": {
        "authors.name": {
        "$regex": "^Wa"
    "fields": ["_id", "title", "authors"]
}, function (err, result) {
    if (err) { return console.log(err); }


The thing is, I just can't figure out how to make an index on authors. I've tried many variations, including

const docsByAuthorName = function(doc) {
    for (let element of doc.creators) {
        emit(element.name, element);

let idx = {
    fields: [{
        "name": { "map": docsByCreatorName }
    ddoc: "authors",
    name: "name",
    type: "json"

    index: idx
}, function (err, result) {
    if (err) { return console.log(err); }


But I continue to get the message that there is no index and that I should index my db to improve query timings. What am I doing wrong?

Update: I discovered a post on secondary indexes and followed the instructions there

let idx = {
    _id: '_design/authorsByName',
    views: {
        'authorsByName': {
            map: function(doc) {
                for (let element of doc.creators) {

db.put(idx).then(function (info) {
    // design doc created
}).catch(function (err) {
     // if err.name === 'conflict', then
     // design doc already exists

When I run the query, I get the following error

SyntaxError: Unexpected token for
    … <snip> …
The user's map/reduce function threw an uncaught error.
You can debug this error by doing:
myDatabase.on('error', function (err) { debugger; });
Please double-check your map/reduce function.
};var log = function () {};var isArray = Array.isArray;var toJSON = JSON.parse;var __emitteds__ = [];var emit = function (key, value) {__emitteds__.push([key, value]);};var __result__ = (for (let element of doc.creators) {

So, now I am not sure if I can put regular JS in a PouchDB map function

In you updated map function, make the following changes:

//for (let element of doc.creators) {
for(var i=0, length=doc.creators.length; i<length; i++){
    emit(doc.creators[i], doc.title);

Take a look at this answer and also this one.

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