I am using Doctrine's enum types to track the status of an entity that I am using in a Symfony application. I am using (roughly) the methods described here:


My problem comes when I try to update the database schema. I get the following error:

  Unknown column type "EnumStatusType" requested. Any Doctrine type that you use has to be registered
   with \Doctrine\DBAL\Types\Type::addType(). You can get a list of all the known types with \Doctrin
  e\DBAL\Types\Type::getTypesMap(). If this error occurs during database introspection then you might
   have forgot to register all database types for a Doctrine Type. Use AbstractPlatform#registerDoctr
  ineTypeMapping() or have your custom types implement Type#getMappedDatabaseTypes(). If the type nam
  e is empty you might have a problem with the cache or forgot some mapping information.

This error is very helpful in a way -- as is the documentation -- but both of those resources leave out two pieces of information: In which file should I use addType() to register my new type?

Two secondary questions: Should I call the addType() method statically, as shown in the examples? If not, how should I retrieve an object in order to call the method non-statically?


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You can use the symfony configuration to add your custom types.

If you are using symfony 4 you can into config/packages/doctrine.yaml this code:

            your_custom_type:  App\Type\YourCustomType

If you are using symfony 3.x you can add into this file app/config/config.yml this code:

            your_custom_type:  AppBundle\Type\YourCustomType
  • Don't forget to clear the cache with cache:clear after any change :)
    – Sliq
    Aug 14, 2019 at 9:43
  • Does this configuration via .yaml use the addType() method under the hood to register the enum type? Apr 30, 2021 at 10:54

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