According to the inlined documentation, ControllerBase.RedirectToAction takes both the action name and the controller name:

// Parameters:
//   actionName:
//     The name of the action.
//   controllerName:
//     The name of the controller.
public virtual RedirectToActionResult RedirectToAction(string actionName, string controllerName);

Now, let's assume I want to redirect to the following action:

public class WhateverController : Controller
    public IActionResult Overview()
        return View();

Naturally, I wanted to use the nameof operator":

public class HomeController : Controller
    public IActionResult Something()
        return RedirectToAction(
            nameof(WhateverController.Overview), // action name
            nameof(WhateverController) // controller name

But that call fails with the error InvalidOperationException: No route matches the supplied values.

I know I could hardcode the controller name to "whatever" instead of using the nameof operator, but is there a way to get the proper name from the class name?


The problem is nameof(WhateverController) returns WhateverController, not (Whatever) that you and routing system expect.
You may use nameof(WhateverController).Replace("Controller", "") to get what you want.

If all you want is not hard-coded controller/action names, Then it's better to use something like R4MVC.

  • Wait, that's all? I expected the MVC framework to provide a way to do that instead of having to do it manually.. – Métoule Feb 1 '18 at 8:44
  • @Métoule, it won't, but you can get what you want by using R4MVC. – Ashkan Nourzadeh Feb 1 '18 at 8:50

nameof(WhateverController) will return "WhateverController". RedirectToAction is expecting to take your controller's name in the form of "Whatever".
Using nameof instead of hardcoding strings is definitely good (in a lot of circumstances) but it looks like that's what's throwing you off in this case.

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