I'm working with a nested list of lists of matrices with doubles, motherlist.

motherlist<-list(daughterlistl1, daughterlistl2, daughterlist3)

I want to take mean or colMeans of column "c" in each nested matrix (motherlist[[m]][[n]][,3]) and then reorder those matrices inside the nested list of matrices (motherlist[[m]][[n]]) (reorder n) ascendingly according to the mean value obtained, so that the matrix with smaller mean in the third column appears first, i.e. gets index 1 (motherlist[[m]][[1]]), and so on, for all m lists.

I was able to get the order of indices in one nested list

order(round(sapply(motherlist[[1]], colMeans), 3)[3,])

but not to reorder them in motherlist[[1]], nor do it iteratively for all m in motherlist.

is it possible to reassign indexes in a nested list? how? how can I recreate motherlist with ordered nested lists?

motherlist <- lapply(motherlist,function(y){

Should work for your entire motherlist. The lacking function missing, when you have the indexes, is to use normal brackets:

motherlist[[1]][order(round(sapply(motherlist[[1]], colMeans), 3)[3,])]

gives what you want for thefirst list of your mother list. You just need to lapply again to loop over your motherlist

  • wow. That was fast! Thx for the help. – Tiago Feb 1 '18 at 20:19
  • I hope it helps. if it works and suits you, don't hesitate to accept the answer. – denis Feb 1 '18 at 20:30

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