This mundane task fairly simple on static views, isn't complying with React.

Can someone advise me how to open a pdf file as a href on a new tab?

Here's my code using react-bootstrap and react-router:

    <NavDropdown eventKey={3} title="Forms">

        <MenuItem eventKey={3.1} href="https://www.google.com/" target="_blank">Form 1</MenuItem>

        <MenuItem eventKey={3.2} href="samba.pdf" target="_blank">Form 2</MenuItem>

The external link to google works fine.

The pdf (saved on same level directory as the code above) doesnt.

When I click on the pdf link it redirects me to my "404 catch all" route.

        <Route path="/" exact component={Home} />
        <Route path="/contact" exact component={Contact} />
        <Route path="/about" exact component={About} />
        <Route component={NotFound} />

EDIT: Solution here: answered by Link_Cable

  • You don't have a route for samba.pdf, so it's falling through to your catch all. You'll either need to set your server up to serve that file first or add a route that handles it. – alephtwo Feb 1 '18 at 22:39
  • This is a client-side only app. So a dedicated route for "/file.pdf" should do the trick? Then, what component would I reference, since all I want is to load a pdf file 'externally'? – Jonca33 Feb 1 '18 at 22:42

Place the pdf into a folder in /src. Import it like a component. Set href parameter as the imported pdf and the target = "_blank".

import React, { Component } from 'react';
import Pdf from '../Documents/Document.pdf';

class Download extends Component {

  render() {

    return (
      <div className = "App">
        <a href = {Pdf} target = "_blank">Download Pdf</a>

export default Download;

Client side only? So there is no web server to host your web site? If you have a webserver then you could return the raw pdf content content back to the browser as "application/pdf" content type. Client side only would be to specify a relative path like

<a href="../FolderName/samba.pdf"> 
  • Adding the a tag above hasn't changed the behavior. It works fine on a plain index.html but not inside the React Bootstrap ecosystem. Plus the href needs to exist inside the <MenuItem/> Component. – Jonca33 Feb 2 '18 at 0:03

I placed the following in the header of the component I needed it in. The document was stored in Documents folder under src.

import Pdf from '../Documents/doc.pdf';

And then used the imported document in the tag using href.

<a href = {Pdf}>Resume</a>

Worked for me!

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