In a Rails 5.1 app, from my view, I send the following to my controller

"area"=>{"name"=>"name", "project_id"=>"123", "owners"=>{"step2"=>["345", "678"], "step3"=>["123"]}}

How can I, with Strong Parameters, allow the entire content of owners to get through?

I have tried what suggested in Rails 4 - Strong Parameters - Nested Objects but nothing seems to work.

params.require(:area).permit(:name, :project_id, :owners)
params.require(:area).permit(:name, :project_id, owners: [])
params.require(:area).permit(:name, :project_id, owners: []).tap do |whitelisted|
 whitelisted[:owners] = params[:application_area][:owners]
end #=> ActionController::UnfilteredParameters - unable to convert unpermitted parameters to hash:

The content of the owners hash may change from request to request; i.e. the next time I can send

"area"=>{"name"=>"name", "project_id"=>"123", "owners"=>{"color"=>["345", "678"], "shape"=>["123"]}}


you have to white list all the possible values for owners

params.require(:area).permit(:name, :project_id, owners: [step2: [], color: [], step2: [], step3: []])

ok have you tried this for dynamic content with rails 5 ?

params.require(:area).permit(:name, :project_id, :owners => {})

  • I think you meant to list :shape instead of :step2 twice. – moveson Feb 2 '18 at 4:51
  • Those values are dynamic, I mean they are defined as instances of another model. Therefore, I do not know all the possible value. Thanks – Sig Feb 2 '18 at 4:56
  • params.require(:area).permit(:name, :project_id, :owners => {}) seems to be to teh reasonable option since owners is a hash and indeed it works. Thanks – Sig Feb 5 '18 at 0:06

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