I am using Logstash-5.6.5 (in Windows) running in a standalone system (no cloud or cluster). Planning to watch some log files and post it to locally run elasticsearch. But when checked the Logstash's memory usage, without a configuration to watch any file it is showing around 600MB memory usage. When I add input file pipeline configurations further it adds memory futher (For watching 3 log files it added up to 70MB, but I am planning to add more upto 20 logs).

1. Is it the expected behaviour?
2. Is there any way to reduce the huge memory usage by logstash?


After researching for couple of days below is my answer to my question.

Below are the ways we can optimize Logstash memory:

  1. Logstash memory usage is primarily getting accumulated by heap size. This can be effectively controlled by setting the heap memory size in the environment variable LS_JAVA_OPTS as below, before launching Logstash (for Windows version in my case):

    set "LS_JAVA_OPTS=-Xms512m –Xmx512m"

Otherwise may be this can be added in the setup.bat at the beginning of the file.

In this way I have limited Logstash total the memory usage to 620 MB maximum.

  1. Logstash pipeline configurations (input/filter/output) can be optimized using the methods mentioned here.

In this way I asserted whether my Logstash filter configurations are optimized.

  1. Also pipeline input file configurations can be optimized using few properties below to ignore/close old log files as explained here, which will prevent unnecessary creation of pipeline threads.

    • ignore_older - in seconds - to totally ignore any file older than the given seconds
    • max_open_files - in numbers - to optimize the maximum number of opened files
    • close_older - in seconds to close the older files
    • exclude - array of unwanted file names (with or without wildcard)

In my case I was required to watch the recent files only and ignore the older files, and I have set the configuration accordingly as below:

input {
  file {
    #The application log path that will match with the rolling logs.
    path => "c:/path/to/log/app-1.0-*.log"
    #I didn't want logs older than an hour.
    #If that older file gets updated with a new entry 
    #that will become the new file and the new entry will be read by Logstash
    ignore_older => 3600 

    #I wanted to have only the very recent files to be watched. 
    #Since I am aware there won't be more then 5 files I set it to 5.
    max_open_files => 5 

    #If the log file is not updated for 5 minutes close it. 
    #If any new entry gets added then it will be opened again.
    close_older => 300 

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