This is a very strange error I am running into trying to install a specific R library on AWS EC2 instance (Amazon Linux AMI). A link in the AWS forums here, posted by someone else, actually highlights my issue well.

The main / relevant part of the error message is:

data.table.h:6:12: fatal error: omp.h: No such file or directory
#include <omp.h> 

I did some research (while I'm not sure), I think this is related to whether or not there is an OpenMP enabled compiler on the server. The data.table installation page on GitHub itself discusses this a bit here, but I'm not sure how to update or fix this on my EC2 instance.

Any help with this is appreciated.

EDIT - this is a new problem, as i was able to successfully install data.table on a previous, similar EC2 instance less than a month ago.

EDIT 2 - I got around this issue by taking a previous EC2 instance of mine with data.table already installed on it, and creating a custom AMI from it. By using this custom AMI when launching new instances, they already came with the data.table library installed. If I notice AWS resolve this issue on its own, I'll try to remember to come back and update this post!


The problem here is that data.table doesn't play nice with the default gcc compiler (gcc72-c++.x86_64 gets installed as a dependency of R-devel.x86_64). Point R to an older version by adding


in ~/.R/Makevars. If you start from a "clean" Amazon Linux AMI this file doesn't exist and you can just type

mkdir ~/.R
echo "CC=gcc64" >> ~/.R/Makevars

For some reason setting CC=gcc64 in the ~/.R/Makevars did not work for me. R was still using default gcc to compile.

However there is another option. You can edit the Makeconf file that R uses during compilation directly. If you're using Amazon Linux the file location is /usr/lib64/R/etc/Makeconf. Once you locate the file the trick is just the same, that is to change the CC = gcc to CC = gcc64. You also might want to make sure that gcc64 is installed by running sudo yum install gcc64.

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    sudo sed -i 's/CC = gcc -m64/CC = gcc64 -m64/g' /usr/lib64/R/etc/Makeconf – nate Dec 20 '18 at 0:22

I have the following workaround.

1) Connect with ssh.

2) Download package source

wget https://cran.r-project.org/src/contrib/data.table_1.10.4-3.tar.gz

3) Install package

R CMD INSTALL data.table_1.10.4-3.tar.gz

This will install the package in the local package directory, not necessarily the one of the RStudio user(s).

4) Use .libPaths() in R and RStudio to figure out where packages are stored.

5) Copy package into the desired directory using sudo cp -R SOURCE DEST.

Remark: This is a workaround not a solution because you need to install each package manually this way, i.e. handling dependencies can be cumbersome, but at least data.table works now.

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