I am importing a CSV file using powershell.

The problem is, the title of one of the columns is "Remaining Time - Hours". So I'm getting a sequence of objects, and it's actually assigned the property "Remaining Time - Hours".

What is the syntax to refer to this property?


Import-Csv AllOpenCases.csv | % {$case = $_ }
$case | get-member


Category               : Inquiry
Starred                : No
Remaining Time - Hours : 22.5

but if I type

$case.Remaining Time - Hours

I get "Unexpected token 'Time' in expression or statement"


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Properties with embedded spaces have to be quoted when they're referenced:

 $case."Remaining Time - Hours"
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    This can also be found with the CSV object. $csv = Import-Csv filename.csv then type the name of the object with a dot $csv. and hit TAB several times to see the fields. $csv | ft -a can be used to check that the CSV file loaded correctly.
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  • @Underverse thanks for mentioning that. In my case the property had a hiding space at the end and your comment helped me find that.
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Just to add, the property name can itself be a variable e.g.:

PS> $o = new-object psobject -prop @{'first name' = 'John'; 'last name' = 'Doe'}
PS> $o

last name                                         first name
---------                                         ----------
Doe                                               John

PS> $prop = 'first name'
PS> $o.$prop

Or you can also wrap that property in { }. Like this:

 $case.{Remaining Time - Hours}

FWIW, if it gets to be pain to code with, you can add an alias property:

 $caseprops = @"
 Category = Inquiry
 Starred = No
 Remaining Time - Hours = 22.5
 $case = new-object psobject -property ($caseprops | convertfrom-stringdata)

 $case | add-member aliasproperty "RT" "Remaining Time - Hours"

 $case | fl

 Remaining Time - Hours : 22.5
 Starred                : No
 Category               : Inquiry
 RT                     : 22.5
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I think this is old, but you can also do this if you need to access properties with spaces in them:

$case | Select-Object ("Remaining Time - Hours"), ("Another Property")

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