I'm new to exploded logit (rank-ordered logit) models. It seems straightforward enough to run the regression, but this is very much an instance of getting an output, when I don't know that I've written the code correctly. (I'd almost prefer to get an error!)

For a bit of context, these are the results of a questionnaire wherein individuals ranked characteristics of a service. agecat and sex are probably self-explanatory.

Using the rologit command, I specify the dependent variable, and the independent variables, then the group... but what should this group be?

rologit rank agecat sex, group (quest_num)

My question is, what should the 'group'. In this case, quest_num is the question number (I.e. the item that was ranked, 1-6). The idea is that results are grouped by everyone's ranking for each specific question - but I am not sure that this is correct? Any other help regarding this modeling approach would also be helpful!

Here is the material I was using as a guide: https://www.stata.com/manuals13/rrologit.pdf

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