I have a university-managed wiki with the basic templated from MediaWiki, but I have been adding more copying them from the Wikipedia templates.
We use it as a lab book so there is a page per day, e.g. 2018/02/02.

I want to write a link to the previous day, i.e. yesterday, 2018/02/01.

I tried:


but this returns 2018/02/1.

  • How do I make the day have the 0 before the single digit? As in I want 2018/02/01 and not 2018/02/1.

  • My method would only work for days within the same month. Is there a wikipedia template for yesterday? How would I write it for the generic date? With a bunch of If statements to check if the month has changed?

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You can use the #time parser function to do some date calculations (anything that's supported by the strtotime() PHP function), for example:

[[{{#time:Y/m/d|now - 1 day}}]]

Or for the day before a particular day:

[[{{#time:Y/m/d|1 April 2017 - 1 day}}]]
  • What about for a generic day? Not ‘now’. – SuperCiocia Feb 3 at 14:25
  • @SuperCiocia Good point; I've updated my answer. – Sam Wilson Feb 3 at 22:02
  • Amazing, thanks. – SuperCiocia Feb 4 at 0:25
  • Do you know how to get to the previous month in general? Like if I am in January 2018 and I want to link to December 2017? – SuperCiocia Feb 5 at 0:38
  • @SuperCiocia yes, you just need different time units in that call, e.g. [[{{#time:Y/m/d|now - 1 month}}]]. – Sam Wilson Feb 13 at 9:27

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